Junior Mouthguards | How to choose a mouthguard for my child athlete

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When you're sending your child out onto the field, court or ice rink for their first big game, you want to make sure they're as safe as can be. That’s why our SISU Aero Small is designed with the same tooth-protecting technology embedded in every SISU. The difference is that our Aero Small Mouthguard is optimized specifically to fit the shape and size of a child’s dental arch. This extra step ensures that your child will have a perfect, comfortable fit without the need to trim away extra material (like most other guards) potentially jeopardizing their maximum protection. A mouthguard specific to your youth athlete‘s needs is exactly what SISU Aero Small can provide.

How To Choose The Right Size 

Finding the right SISU Mouthguard is easy with our new sizing system that is based on height instead of age. You can easily refer to our comparison chart below or check out our mouthguard comparison page for more details. At the end of the day, it all comes down to 2 things, height and if your child wears braces. If your child is shorter than 5’ and does not wear braces, then they should wear a SISU Aero Small Mouthguard. If your child is 5’ or taller or if they wear braces, they should wear a SISU Aero Medium or SISU Max mouthguard. If you still can’t decide, feel free to reach out to our customer support on chat and they will gladly help you make a decision.

What If My Child Wears Braces?

Braces stick out from the teeth, which means more mouthguard material is needed to cover 100% your child’s teeth. Since all SISU Mouthguards are designed with the same protective properties, you can simply size up to a SISU Aero Medium Mouthguard to accommodate for the additional size of the brackets. The great thing about choosing a SISU Mouthguard for an athlete with braces is the remoldable properties of our guards. As your child’s teeth shift overtime, their SISU Mouthguard can be remolded up to 20 times to adapt to their ever-changing mouth! Read more: how to fit a SISU Mouthguard for braces.

About SISU Aero Small


  • 1.6mm thin
  • Ages 7+ (Aero Small is not for use with braces — use Aero Medium/Aero Large or Max)
  • Non-toxic: BPA, BPS, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free
  • Up to $50,000 limited dental warranty 

Advanced Technology:

The SISU Aero Small — formerly called SISU Junior Mouthguard — is the latest evolution in mouthguard engineering by the makers of SISU Mouthguards. Simply put, it is the most powerful mouthguard we’ve ever built. With its unmatched quality and functionality, SISU Aero was designed with the athlete in mind, and its unique features are hyper focused on protection and comfort. With 30% more protection than conventional youth mouthguards, you can rest assured your child athlete’s tooth safety is in excellent care with our kid's mouthguard, the SISU Aero Small.

A Sanitary Solution:

We know that every kid’s favorite part of wearing a mouthguard is taking it out, rubbing their grubby paws through layers of sweat and mud, then reinserting their mouthguard now covered in batches of new germs. NOT ANYMORE with SISU Aero Small! At 1.6mm thin, our Small mouthguard is so small and comfortable that kids don’t feel the constant need to take it out, making for a cleaner mouthguard and a healthier kid.

The Best Mouthguard For Youth Sports:

  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • And more!