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The SISU Mouth Guard offers more protection with less mouth guard. There are 5 million sports related dental injuries in the US each year.  The treatment cost of an athletic dental injury is between $5,000 to $20,000 in a lifetime.  Because of these statistics, you want to arm yourself with the best and most protective mouthguards on the planet! The comfortable SISU mouthguards also offer the best hygiene, because athletes leave them in place for the entire game instead of taking them out to talk and drink, transferring germs to the mouth while doing so.   All SISU guards can be quickly and easily molded (and re-molded up to 20 times!) to the individual user at home with hot water.  With SISU guards, superior comfort does not mean sacrificing protection. All SISU Mouthguards are scientifically engineered with Diffusix Technology, which uses a non-compressible, perforated material to distribute impact forces over a larger area and reduce risk of dental injury during competition. SISU mouthguards work with braces. SISU mouth guards are backed by a one year limited dental warranty protection of up to $50,000.