The Ultimate Basketball Mouthguard


Basketball preferred Mouthguard

1 in 3 players will receive a dental injury this month. Yet wearing mouthguards for basketball is not common because they are bulky, uncomfortable, and limit your ability to breathe and talk with your team. Our custom fit, remoldable SISU basketball mouthguards are equipped with perforations which allow for natural flow of air and saliva - enabling players to talk, breathe and drink naturally. On impact, the custom basketball mouthguards oscillate and distribute the force of impact into scientifically engineered crumple zones, deflecting impact away from teeth and protecting players 30-50% more, so you can stay protected and comfortable.

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My Fight

Share the story of your fight and we will share it with the world. Nominate a teammate or team. Tell us about that kid who went from worst to pretty darn good. The one who didn't speak English when he started. The one who worked year round to take second at States. Tell us about a team who practiced every day to get to the championships. All nominated stories will be entered to win SISU Sponsorships and other cool prizes. 


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