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MMA Fighter Chris Leben wearing a SISU 2.4 Max mouth guard

SISU 2.4 | Max

  • High Impact Sports
  • 60% Stronger || 30% Thinner
  • Protection Comfort
  • Talk, Breathe, and Drink!
  • High Impact: MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Rugby, Football, Hockey
Lacrosse SISU mouthguard

SISU 1.6 | Ultralight

  • Team Sports
  • 30% Stronger || 60% Thinner
  • Communication, Comfort, and Protection
  • Talk, Breathe, and Drink!
  • Team Sports: Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Roller Derby, Gaelic Football
Kids mouthguard


  • Children of Ages 7-10
  • 30% stronger || 60% thinner
  • Communication, Comfort, and Protection
  • Talk, Breathe and Drink!
  • Youth Team Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey


Practical and stylish, SISU Case allows you to conveniently store your SISU Guard in between games and practices. SISU Case comes already equipped with the SISU 1.6 | Ultralight Adult Sports Mouth Guard in White and a complimentary LYFT Spray

SOVA Night Guard

In addition to athletic mouth guards, the folks at SISU have developed an advanced night grinding mouth guard to help protect your teeth from the negative effects of night grinding, commonly a result of Bruxism or TMJ. If you are looking for the comfort of a perfect custom fit with maximum protection, then the SOVA Night Guard is for you!

  • Advanced Diffusix ™ technology protects your teeth 30% better than conventional night grinding guards.
  • Extremely comfortable!
  • Perfect custom fit for a fraction of the cost.
  • ISO-certified All American manufacturing.
  • 100% Safe Materials - BPA, Latex, PVC, and Phalate free.

SISU Lyft Peppermint Flavor Spray

Need a little lift with your game while wearing your SISU Mouth Guard?

The SISU™ Lyft Flavor Spray will do it, by giving you a fresh minty burst that will last for days, if not weeks.

Flavor your SISU Mouth Guard with SISU™ Peppermint Lyft today!

Other products offered by SISU Guard include:
  • SISU Cases, for convenient storage in between games and practices
  • SISU LYFT Spray which ads mint flavor to the guard (1 spray goes a long way!)
  • SOVA Night Guards for night grinders

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