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"We all belong together; we all have responsibility to each other and that caring for others is engrained in our DNA. It is a beautiful thing." - Sassa Akervall, CEO

Serving Communities In Need

Every athlete should have the proper protective equipment. We have partnered with Good Sports, an organization that makes sure that no child is left on the bench. We will help Good Sports by providing the neediest youth organizations the very best in dental protection. This Giving Tuesday, we will offer a buy one give one. For every mouthguard purchased, we will donate a SISU Mouthguard to Good Sports, the nonprofit working to create access in sports for kids in need.

Our partner:

Diversity and Inclusion Program

As the official mouthguard of US Lacrosse, we stand with our partners at US Lacrosse to provide mouthguards to underrepresented and underserved communities. The US Lacrosse Diversity and Inclusion Program’s goal is to bring together varied life experiences and perspectives to add community value and reinforce the concept of inclusivity.

Our partner:

Not For Profit Dental Organizations

Combined, our partners at Healthcare for the Homeless and Homeless not Toothless provide care to more than 160,000 people including veterans, homeless and foster youth. They help to combat homelessness through access to health. We at SISU have supplied PPE to these organizations and will continue to donate occlusal guards to protect teeth from damage caused from bruxism.

Our partners:

A note from our CEO

The last 9 months have been like nothing we have experienced before. It has forced us to change things we never even had to think about before when we go about our daily lives. Like wearing a mask, keeping our distance and restrict most of our social interactions with others. Still, we can’t even imagine what those of you who have been personally affected by the virus has had to endure. Our hearts go out to all of you!

That time cannot come soon enough. And even if the future holds more uncertainty, one thing has become abundantly clear: we are more in need of each other than we think we are.

Time and time again, we have proven to each other that we can rise to the occasion and be better than we thought we ever could. Consider all our brave health care workers, putting their own life at risk to save a fellow human being or the new ways that we have found to communicate and connect with one another. We still need to check in on each other; we still need to communicate. The common thread here is that we all belong together, we all have responsibility to each other and that caring for others is engrained in our DNA. It’s a beautiful thing that we care.

Here at SISU we have since long made sure that we are doing a small part of community outreach locally and have partnered with various organizations over time to help where we could. Today, because we have taken the time to reflect and realize we can do more, we are now taking it further with a three-pronged nationwide outreach approach. We are holding ourselves accountable to the high standards we have set for ourselves. We have decided to serve several different communities in need.

We hope we make a difference wherever we can and will provide opportunities for you to join us throughout the year to help us with our efforts.

Stay safe, take care and be kind to one another,
Sassa Akervall - CEO Akervall Technologies Inc.