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Scientific Studies

Impact Study

Read about four reasons to choose the SISU™ mouth guard.

  • Less transfer of impact forces to teeth
  • More absorption of impact forces by the material
  • Less deformation of the material
  • Higher tensile strength (tougher material)

Click here to download a PDF of the SISU Impact Study

Adrian College Study

A recent independent study from Adrian College, Michigan shows that SISU™ (previously Protech Dent™) rates higher than its competitors with regards to athletes ability to breathe, talk, drink. SISU users also reported less gagging and better fit, even though more than half of the athletes had expensive dentist made mouth guards.

The study was presented at National Athletic Trainers Association conference in November 2011. Check it out and see why more and more athletes are switching over to SISI Mouth Guards.

Click here to download a PDF of the Adrian College Study

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